Head Bolt Clamp Holder for Surface Sensor for Head Temperature Gauge (Sensor Not Included)

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Head Bolt Clamp Holder (Sensor Not Included)
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Head Bolt Clamp Holder for Surface Sensor for Head Temperature Gauge
(Sensor Not Included)
Order additional sensors, sensor holders and switches here.

We now have a new way to hold the head sensor on a Harley.
You will get a great reading from this.
Surface sensor holder $20.00 made of billet aluminum

Optional Oil Sensor Fittings - Call For Details
Shown Above: 1/8 NPT Sensor and 1/8 NPT Sensor with 1/8-3/8 NPT Adapter

nice install and innovative
Take a look this is a very nice install and innovative.
I just orderd my 2nd temp. gauge. After having one Head / Oil temp gauge on my 95 FLFTS 113" Evo. When I got my 06 FLHX and rode for about 2wks. I had to have one on it. Living here in florida it is a must have. Trying to guess how warm or HOT your air cooled Vtwin oil or head temp. is running is a test. Because being wrong can cost you big time on eng. or clutch repaires. I see them in the shop I work at. After Bike week in late Feb.to early march we get bikes in for slipping clutch, oil leaks, eng. using oil all from overheating when in stop & go riding. It's not even Hot here at that time of year. So how hot is your oil in the summer when it is 95-100 deg... So a big THANK YOU Marlin for a great easy to install gauge that with a flip of a switch I can check oil temp. or head temp. Even if you live where you don't think it get that warm you will feel alot better knowing what the real temp is. A must have for ALL HI OUTPUT air cooled Vtwin or other motorcycles. Knowing your oil temp is a good idea for you car/truck guys & gals too.
J. Reed Gurney

NEAT TIP... Last week I noticed that the mount bolt where I had the temp sensor was a little loose and sending erratic readings. I decided to back it almost all the way out and put some blue Loctite on it. My son in law who is a computer systems designer asked me what that part was, and I told him it was kind of a thermocouple heat sensor. He told me to try some Thermal Grease on the sensor part as they use it all the time to make sure there is a perfect heat conduction between the mother board HEAT SINK and the main processor. I went to Radio Shack and they had several different types. FIRST IT HAS TO BE NON CONDUCTIVE, which left the ceramic based grease, or the Silver Oxide based grease. The ceramic is about $6 and is pretty small but appears to be enough for about 6-8 installations. The Silver Oxide based is about $10 a tube. I figured I would try the ceramic type first. I was absolutely amazed at the way the sensor behaved. It showed the head temp change almost immediately, after startup, and was right in-line with the oil temperature. I guess it did what it was supposed to do, fill any minute gaps in the flat surfaces with a material that eliminates any air gaps between the parts, no matter how invisible they may be.
Art Santella

Fairing Mounted Cylinder Head and/or Oil Temperature Dash Gauge
No matter what model air cooled V-Twin engine you have, your cylinder head temperature is a vital statistic. Running too hot or cold is a sure sign of your power plants health and longevity and should not be over-looked. Marlin Corporation is breaking new ground with the introduction of our new multi-purpose Cylinder Head / Oil Temperature Gauge designed to operate on both EVO and Twin Cam Harleys, Sportsters and Victorys. The use of a unique bolt on surface sensor and/or oil sensor provides the vital info a rider needs while jamming across a desert expanse, sitting to long with the engine idling in a parade or just waiting for a train to pass. With little effort this unique gauge will fit snuggly into one of the dash holes available on your Electraglide, Roadglide or Streetglide fairing and provide you with critical information about your engines health and performance. (Great to replace that OEM air temp gauge)
The gauge can also be set up to tell you oil temperature with the optional drain pan mounted sensor (for Twin Cam engines only) or both oil and head temperature with optional sensor and toggle switch configuration
Perfect for the FL series touring bikes with fairings, as the gauge will fit into one of the four dash holes available with little effort.
Fits 99-Later Electra Glide® (Including FLHTCUTIG) Road Glide® and Street Glide® models.
Not compatible with Chrome Instrument Gauge Bezel

•Illuminated face for easy night time viewing
• Classic analog design with large easy to read numbers
•Shows temperature range from 100 - 340 degrees Fahrenheit
•Sensor can be connected to #1 or #2 cylinder head
or any area temp readings are important
•Oil sensor is easy to install on touring bikes

Oil kit sensor is for Twin Cam engine (Harley-Davidson) FLH and Road Kings
$89.95 500301B
HTFLH - includes surface sensor w/boot & black face gauge with mounting backer
$89.95 500301S
HTFLH - includes surface sensor w/boot & silver face gauge with mounting backer
$99.95 500302B
Dual cam OTFLH - includes oil sensor & black face gauge with mounting backer
$99.95 500302S
Dual cam OTFLH - includes oil sensor & silver face gauge with mounting backer
$138.90 500304B
Dual cam OTHTFLH - includes oil sensor, surface sensor w/boot, toggle switch & black face gauge with mounting backer
$138.90 500304S
Dual cam OTHTFLH - includes oil sensor, surface sensor w/boot, toggle switch & silver face gauge with mounting backer
$38.95 500390
HTFLH Additional surface sensor