Oil Pressure Gauge for Rocker Box Mount

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Rocker box oil mount for Oil Pressure Gauge
This part comes with bracket, gauge cup and oil pressure gauge,
you will need to supply your own plumbing
Marlin’s Liquid Filled Pressure Gauges Marlin’s 1/8 NPT
rear mount liquid filled oil pressure gauges are premium quality.
Available in 0-100 PSI Only
Gauges available in a white face or black face.
The gauge housing I 5/8" the face is 1 3/8".
We made the numbers larger so you can see them without squinting.
of oil pressure while riding. Reduces costly engine repairs and downtime.
Won't interfere with warning light function. Marlin’s 1/8 NPT rear mount liquid filled oil pressure gauges are available in 0-100 PSI Only in black face.

Gauge and face are filled with liquid glycerin to dampen "soften" vibration and
reduce needle fluctuations (also extends gauge life). Air bubble in face in NORMAL
and needs to be there for gauge to work properly. (liquid may be replaced if loss occurs, use only Marlin approved glycerin - do not overfill, leave a bubble about the size of a penny). Gauge is calibrated 0 to 100 by tens in 2-lb. increments.
•Use Teflon tape on all threads, careful not to cover hole used for pressure reading. •Use wrench at base of unit to tighten - gently as needed - do not hold by gauge to tighten.
•Start motor and check for leaks. These premium quality gauges fit our rocker box head temperature kits. Please call or visit our web site for details
• Rubber fill plug is replaceable if needed.