Marlin's Thermometer Information




Please be aware many outside factors play a roll in this analog thermometers reading and accuracy.
The greatest challenge is placement of the unit and it’s direct exposure to the sun.
The gauges are very sensitive and will react to the slightest touch or contact with objects that vary in temperature.

The Sun will raise the gauges reading quickly and it will proceed to a more normal range when it is
removed from direct sun light or the vehicle is in motion with the exposed mount and gauge moving
quickly enough through the air to compensate for the increased exposure to the sun.
All of Marlin’s thermometers are calibrated at the factory to approximately +/- 3 degrees
and do not need to be re-calibrated.

If you think there may be an issue with your unit please follow these steps to determine
if the unit is within factory specifications or may need to be serviced or replaced.
#1 Remove the head of the thermometer from the mount.
To remove the thermometer pry slowly under the edge with the long
flat side of a knife or similar object in a screwdriver style motion so
you do not mar the finish. Make sure that the thermometer does not
fall and become damaged.
#2 Place the thermometer next to your home thermostat (this is the
best source for accurate calibration) for about an hour and let the
unit come to room temperature, then read the temperature
of the unit, but be cautious about handling it as the heat will transfer
from your hands very quickly and give an inaccurate reading.

If the unit is reading approximately +/- 3 degrees of the temperature of your home thermostat then the
unit is functioning within factory specifications and you will need to look to outside factors as a
cause of any inconsistant readings. If the thermometer did not perform well and was outside the
approximately +/- 3 degrees range please call and arrange for repair or replacement of the thermometer head.