Marlin's Chrome Perch Clamp - Brake/Clutch - Windshield Mount with Radiant White (Fahrenheit /Small Celsius Scale) Thermometer Face

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• NEW Adjustable two-way pivot gauge face
• All units come ready to install
• Easy installation
• NO dis-assembly required
• Long lasting batteries
Brake / Clutch - Perch Clamp Mounted Clock and/or Thermometer
Fits 1982-Current Models - Harley, Metric & Customs*
Marlin’s triple chromed billet mount comes in your choice of clock and/or thermometer faces. Simply attach with one screw to your brake or clutch perch clamp or windshield bolt or just about any place you can bolt to. Dual pivot head allows for accurate position adjustment and locking in place. All units are water resistant, shock resistant and have glow in the dark elements (glowing elements require reasonable exposure to light for activation.)

*Optional Spacer and Extended Metric (6mm) Bolt can be used when your perch clamp has a recessed hole.
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