Marlin's Quest Compass in BLACK Bullet Billet Style Handlebar Mount - Satellite Driven

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Marlin's Quest Compass in BLACK Bullet Billet Style Handlebar Mount - Satellite Driven


- 8 Point GPS Driven - Compass Heading - Displays:N, S, E, W, NW, NE, SW, SE

- Clean, Compact Design - Will fit any Marlin's mounts (Fork Lock Covers, Fork Stem Nut Covers, All Handlebar Mounts, Perch Clamp Mounts, etc.)

- Comes standard with Male USB type A connector with 36" cord

- Comes standard with 12V - 5V power converter with USB female connector

- Large, Bright, Easy To Read Red LED Display

- Simple single button changes brightness and resets system, Easy to operate even with gloves.
This gauge is designed for all vehicles. The gauge is a self contained GPS receiver and provides heading based on the drivers changing position.

This gauge is not a traditional compass that uses the magnetic field of the earth, but a fully functioning GPS device that uses satellite positioning to provide important information to the operator.
A compass is a valuable tool to any rider on remote back country roads or in the big city. Providing critical information about your direction in a clean, stylish, compact design that is as functional as it is beautiful.
Marlin's Quest Compass needs to be installed in an area that has unobstructed view to the satellites in the sky and not in an area of electronic components or materials that may inhibit RF (radio frequency) transmissions. For example the device may not get satellite signal and may not operate in buildings, parking structures, tunnels or other obstructed areas.
Fits all 1" or 7/8" bars (clear plastic isolator for 7/8" bars)  (recommended mounting away from bends).
All units come ready for easy installation
Fully adjustable to always face you
Comes complete with mount and installed compass
NO disassembly required
This classic looking Marlin's handlebar compass is made with a BLACK billet aluminum mount with black bezel and quality electronics.
All units are water resistant, shock resistant.